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Working capital management is the process of allowing a company to plan to utilize its current assets and liabilities in the best possible manner to ensure operational effectiveness.


Working capital management allows organizations to maintain cash flows and lets them meet short-term targets while consistently monitoring costs.


Increasing the current business volume, increasing the credit value, carrying out the activities in a profitable and efficient manner, preventing the extraordinary situations from adversely affecting the financial situation of your business, reducing the risk of not being able to meet its obligations (timely payment of debts) are within the scope of management of working capital. For this reason, working capital management is of great importance in terms of business.


Through the management advisory we serve for enterprises, we support your business within the scope of working capital management, but not limited to the services listed below.

  • Determination of business goals and strategies

  • Business plan

  • Management of relations with banks and credit institutions

  • Cash flow management

  • Payment and collection management

  • Monitoring of risks

  • Debt restructuring

  • Financial status analysis

  • Analysis of cost of goods sold and profitability

  • Cost controlling

  • Product/customer based profit analysis

  • Production planning and inventory planning

  • Stock and receivables turnover rate

  • ERP optimization

  • Determination of the management policies in terms of amortization, profit distribution, stock, production, etc.

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