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Owl is the symbols of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and insight.


Our team is comprised of real professionals, who gained in their respective fields deep expertise, valuable knowledge and skills through employment.

We've actively participated in the day-to-day operations of a business, including decision-making and problem-solving. We've worked in real business environments, dealt with challenges, and made decisions that impact the success of the organization. We've utilized our expertise to start and grow companies by understanding the market, identifying opportunities, developing a business plan, and securing funding.


We've the ability to manage a business during times of economic uncertainty, such as a recession or market downturn, which may involve making difficult decisions, such as reducing staff or cutting costs, to ensure the long-term viability of the business. During our carrier we've analyzed and optimized business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness including identifying bottlenecks, eliminating unnecessary steps, and implementing automation where possible as well as integrating an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into a business.


Some of the services we will be pleased to offer you by distilling from the valuable business experience we have gained over the years are as follows:

  • Business management in national and international companies

  • Establishing business goals and strategies

  • Business plan

  • Overseeing the business as a whole handling top-level policies and plans

  • Organizing workflows and subsystems in the organization

  • Financial affairs management

  • Controlling, budgeting and forecasting

  • Financial status analysis

  • Internal control management

  • Process management

  • Task delegation

  • Compliance management

  • Procurement management

  • Contract management

  • Vendor relations management

  • Customer relations management

  • Analysis of cost of goods sold and profitability

  • Cost controlling

  • Product/customer based profit analysis

  • Determination and follow-up of KPI (key performance indicators)

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) implementation

  • Company establishment

  • Construction of production facilities and plant relocations

  • Total Quality Management

  • Production planning and inventory planning

  • Administrative management

  • Human resources management

  • Change management

  • Management of relations with banks and credit institutions

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Debt restructuring

  • Management of liquidation process

At EFP Consultancy, we believe that success is a collaborative effort. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our services to meet their specific goals.

Our services include financial management, organization and strategy development, process improvement, reporting and other key areas that can help our clients achieve their objectives within a sustainable manner.


We are committed to delivering exceptional results and providing our clients with the support they need to achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

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