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Reports should provide the type of necessary data for a company’s management to successfully run the business. Management reports have absolute importance for an organizational strategy. They help the managers control and direct their businesses and make more accurate decisions.


We offer you the possibility to analyze your needs in terms of proper reporting and construct a stabile reporting frame, which should cover your present needs but also ensure a clearer glance at future projects and growth opportunities.


The reporting infrastructure should exactly fit to the needs of each organization. Therefore, what we offer is exactly a tailor-made design for our clients after closely analyzing their needs and areas which need to be improved.


Some examples of our services we offer in the reporting field:

  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting

  • Target vs actual comparisons and its follow-up on regular basis

  • Cash flow statement

  • Simplified or summarized financial reports i.e. balance sheet or profit & loss statement

  • Transfer pricing report

  • Aging reports for vendors/customers

  • Sales reports

  • Collection and payment reports

  • Customer efficiency reports

  • Employee efficiency reports

  • Employee satisfaction surveys

  • Investment plans and feasibility reports

  • Cost breakdown sheets

  • Product-based profitability

  • Liquidity report

  • A-B-C analysis

  • KPI reports

  • Business plan

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