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Our Team

As EFP Consultancy, we are a consulting firm dedicated to providing practical, result-oriented solutions to our clients. With years of experience in our fields of expertise, we specialize in delivering cost-effective and streamlined services that help our clients achieve their goals and maximize their success.


"Efficient" implies that the services we offer to our clients are streamlined and productive with a focus on delivering results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

"Functional" implies that our consultancy has a deep understanding of our client's needs, and we’re able to provide them practical, effective and results-oriented solutions and advice which are grounded in real business world experience and proven methodologies.

"Professional" suggests that our consultancy is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable, skilled experts, we adhere to high ethical and technical standards and we’re committed to providing high-quality service to our clients.

Our team is comprised of real professionals, who gained in their respective fields deep expertise, valuable knowledge and skills through employment.

Overall, our experiences such as hands-on management, existence as an employee in business life, start-up expertise, economic crisis management, ERP implementation, and process management are all valuable skills that can contribute to the success of a business, which we would offer our customers.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, responsive, and committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we are ready to support you to succeed.


We have a sense of a consulting service that is effective and efficient, streamlined, reliable and specialized in providing practical expert advice and guidance to help businesses, organizations, or individuals to achieve their goals.

Our Team

Eran Polat

Eran Polat has over 27 years of extensive experience on different levels of management including a span over 10 years on C-level, mainly in the automotive industry over 20 years in well-known companies, OEM and also tier-one manufacturers. He also has experience in broadband communications and service sector. All of these companies are international ones, mostly of German origin or joint ventures such as German-Turkish or US-Turkish.


He specializes in building and managing operational and financial business models, risk analyses, procurement as well as customer relations management. He also has experience in company establishment and overall management in Turkey as well as in the Russian Federation including plant setup, hiring, customer relations, foreign trade, customs operations.


He’s proven track record with start-up organizations, cost control and growth strategies in difficult circumstances such as global and local economic crises, turnaround management, ERP implementation, project management, code of conduct validation.


Eran has graduated from Marmara University Business Administration in German language and Istanbul Erkek Lisesi. He speaks Turkish, German, English and Russian.

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Feza Polat

Feza Polat, CPA, has over 20 years of work experience on different levels of management in international companies, which are mainly  of German, Austrian and US origin.


She specializes in building and managing operational and financial business models, controlling, cost and profit center accounting, profitability analysis as well as process management in all levels of companies. She also has experience in company establishment and liquidation processes in Turkey. In the companies she worked for, she expanded her overall vision besides the financial perspective and improved herself by working in parallel with the logistics, sales, human resources, legal and IT departments.


She’s proven track record especially with start-up organizations, implementation of cost control measurements, ERP implementation, turnaround strategies, analyses and optimization of process flows, project follow-ups.


Feza holds an MBA degree from Okan University, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in German language from Marmara University and an associate’s degree in Foreign Trade from Anadolu University. She speaks Turkish, English and German.

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