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In today’s business world, as the global market conditions being more competitive and the supply of resources becoming a major problem, expanding into foreign markets seems to be almost mandatory.


While handling an international transition process, to consider all variables is important for an entrepreneur. Companies can only make a significant difference, if they build up their business plan in best way and execute their plan in perfect manner with the flexibility.


It is inevitable to approach the subject of internationalization with the right knowledge and guidance. Since getting accustomed to an international business brings some relevant changes for companies, you have to transform your employees, work flows, ERP system, etc. to internationalization, which accommodates important values such as corporate culture, communication style, and multicultural environment.


We provide support for foreign companies to enter the Turkish market and for local companies to enter foreign markets. In this context, we analyze the companies and/or the markets they want to enter, and we stand by our customers in this new step they will take. With our management advisory, we guide enterprises in the management of the change process and determine the roadmap together.

  • Analysis of international markets to identify opportunities and threats

  • SWOT analysis of company

  • Business plan

  • Determining strategy and goals

  • Investment feasibility

  • Determination of the technical needs

  • Planning of human capital and production capacity

  • Market researches regarding customers and suppliers

  • Change management

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